Агентство БАКТРИАН | Услуги бронирования и продажи авиабилетов из городов Душанбе, Худжанд и Ташкента по всему миру.


Cooperation with «BACTRIAN»


The agency for selling airline ticket «BACTRIAN» offers favorable conditions and a well-established mechanism for cooperation with the ticket offices of the Republic of Tajikistan, both for beginners and for airline ticket agencies already firmly established in the market, for the development of their own subagent network.


For subagents:

  • Conclusion of a subagent agreement;
  • Providing direct airlines remotes for selling tickets;
  • Providing maximum agent's rewards;
  • Exclusion of signing contract with many airlines;
  • Providing direct access and ticket issuance through our “engine” to more than 200 airlines worldwide directly;
  • When gaining access to the realization through the "engine", self-determination of agent's rewards;
  • Exclusion of the deposit and work only on prepaid base.


For more information, please call us:

+992 (92) 777 2680

(from 8: 00 to 18: 00)


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